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No Laughing Matter


We have continued to have lots of activity on the ghost hunt. Lately, the Ovilus has been very sweet to some of the women on the tour, telling them how nice and pretty and kind they are, while simultaneously picking on some of the guys. Earlier this week, it was doing this to one couple in particular, telling the guy (when the lady had just told him not to fall on the stairs because she couldn’t catch him), that he was “too heavy,” among many other things. It has said “Don’t know,” when a woman asked jokingly why she married her husband. It has not limited its comments to our hunts, either. Last night, after being unable to find some recently purchased medicine anywhere in the house, in desperation, I finally turned on the Ovilus and demanded to know where it was. It replied, “Under (the) damn johnny,” and a few moments later, added. “sink.” In truth, under the bathroom sink was where I thought I had put it, but after another search there, it still didn’t show up. When I returned to the Ovilus and said in disgust that it wasn’t there, what was its reply? “Laugh.” : / Everyone’s a joker.

a blurry image of a person

Above is a close-up of the photo of the shadow figure which appears to be holding a rifle. This was taken on the hunt by Becca Sproat when no one was there.