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Our Guides

Jessica Ferguson

We are truly delighted to have Jessica Ferguson as a guide, and based on her TripAdvisor reviews, our guests are too! The word that pops up about her most often is AMAZING. Jessica has a varied background, most recently as a dance instructor extraordinaire at The Little Ballroom, but we think as an actress & tour guide, she has found her true calling. We think you’ll agree.

Donald Kitchens

Donald has been performing in Chattanooga all of his life, and has been with us for over 10 years. His reviews show that guests love him! He is 1 of 2 guides for our ghost hunt, and like all our hunt guides, seems to be a “ghost magnet.” On our first ghost hunt, the lights dimmed on almost every light he passed (which they say is from the ghosts sucking energy from the surroundings in order to manifest), and this is a regular occurrence around Donnie. We are excited to have him on board and I am sure you will enjoy his ghost hunts!

Jason Tinney

Jason Tinney is impressive as our newest guide. We are super excited to have him with us, and his guests have had great things to say about his tours! Jason has been acting for many years, performing in over 50 stage productions in New York, Baltimore, Chattanooga, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Jason is also a writer and musician. He is the author of Ripple Meets The Deep, Louise Paris and Other Waltzes and Bluebird. In addition, he plays the harmonica at venues in and around Chattanooga, including one that shares the same street where one of our ghosts committed a crime that would set his future hauntings in motion! Come join his tour and meet him in person; you won’t be disappointed!

Maria Chattin

Maria has been involved with theatre in Chattanooga for decades. She was the director of Chattanooga Theatre Centre’s Youth Theatre for many years, and has extensive experience in the local acting world. We are delighted to have her as one of our tour guides. People got ghost photos on Maria’s very first tour, and she has gotten great reviews. You are sure to have a blast with her!

Joan Jones

We are thrilled to have Joan Jones as our tour guide! We plucked Joan straight from Back Alley Productions right after curtain at a play she was performing at Mars Theater- we were so impressed by her acting, we knew immediately we had to have her as part of the team! Joan has performed as well as guided not only locally, but also internationally, when she lived in Europe. We know you’ll be thrilled with her, too.

Dale Wallace

Dale Wallace has a variety of acting experience. He has performed as Father Guido in Nunsense, the band leader in Always, Patsy Cline, co-wrote the musical Jazz ABZ with Randy Forester, and has been an actor and storyteller at Audubon Acres’ Haunted Forest for several years, including roles as a Native American Spirit Shaman (where his disappearance scared several people so badly they required a change of clothes afterwards!) and Merlin the Magician, whose fire-throwing tamed multiple heckling teenagers. He also had such an interest in the paranormal that he owned and used his own ghost hunting equipment before joining us. Like Donnie, Dale attracts ghosts, making him a perfect ghost hunt guide.