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Is it a Poltergeist or Worse?

a house that has a sign on a brick building

A couple of reports have come in from our June 11 ghost tour already. For those who have been on the downtown ghost tour you may remember the story of the Lattner house that was taken over by General Grant during civil war. Mr Lattner is buried in the Citizenscrypt small cemetery and during our ghost hunt we visit his grave. On this particular night, When standing near his headstone an EMF detector that was inadvertently left on started going crazy, lighting up and spiking a reading at a very high level, despite the fact there were no power sources anywhere around. When standing right outside the cemetery, the Ovilus gave the names, “Fred,” and “Ellen,” and when they subsequently went into the cemetery, they passed a grave that had both those names. At the Shakespeare Garden at Patten Chapel, when one guest was asking about the difference between a demon and a poltergeist, and inquired what a poltergeist was, the Ovilus immediately interrupted Jeromie’s explanation to say, “Demon.” Apparently “Anna” believes them to be one and the same. It also reportedly again cussed Jeromie near the graveyard. SOMEBODY there clearly doesn’t like him! Many other things were said, as well.

a chain on a rock