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Haunted Chattanooga

$19.99 + shipping (or $18.99+tax if bought with tickets online)

When it comes to ghosts in Chattanooga, we LITERALLY wrote the book! Haunted Chattanooga, written by award-winning author Jessica Penot and our own Amy Petulla, & published by History Press, spices the history of the area with legends of haunts all over Chattanooga and the surrounding areas, resulting in a delectably spine-tingling smorgasbord. Warning- this book may be addicting. Possible side effects are shivers, a nervous compulsion to check under the bed, and an unwillingness to put the book down before the last page!

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Ghostly Tales of Chattanooga

$10.99 + shipping (& tax for TN residents)

You asked for it, & Publisher Arcadia agreed! They asked tour owner Amy Petulla to revise Haunted Chattanooga for their new Spooky America children’s division, and we think your kids will love the result. Designed for roughly ages 8-12, Spooky Tales of Chattanooga will leave your children shivering with delight, without giving them nightmares.

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The Corpsewood Manor Murders

Just $19.99 (or $18.99+tax if bought with tickets online)

In 1976, Scudder and his companion Joey Odom brought a houseful of Renaissance furniture, two human skulls and 12,000 doses of LSD from Chicago and built their castle, Corpsewood, by hand in the middle of Trion’s national forest. The pair invited the sketchier side of humanity and, rumor has it, the occasional upstanding citizen on the sly to share sex, wine and more in their Pink Room. The bacchanalia came to an abrupt and bloody end in December, 1982, when Tony West and Avery Brock came calling, bringing a rifle & using the professor’s own revolver. The murders set the stage for a trial vibrant with local color & a case that has fascinated the world.

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Shot Pen

$2.75 + tax

Though it is among the least expensive souvenirs we carry, our shot pen, with our tagline “Chattanooga Ghost Tours is DYING to meet you!” is still our favorite. Guaranteed to generate attention and conversation, the shot pen is a bargain at just $3.00.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours Pin

$6.99 + tax

We also offer our collectible Chattanooga Ghost Tours pin! This high quality pin is enameled metal, and at $6.99 plus tax, it is a bargain souvenir keepsake! New: a glow in the dark version!

Chattanooga Ghost Tours T-Shirt

Chattanooga Ghost Tours t-shirts, in everything from youth extra small to 3X, in black, purple and pink!