Spirit photography has been around for as long as photography itself. As the newly discovered medium of photography began to develop, it aroused intrigue with warped anomalies that appeared in ghastly photographs in its rudimentary early stages. As camera equipment began to develop and our understanding of the technology became deeper, spirit photography became less about parlor tricks and artistic charlatanry (such as the one above, a famous photo created using a Catholic statue of Mary), and more of a mode for scientific study and research into the paranormal. Through the lens of the camera we were able to reach beyond human limitations and began peering through the veil beyond our Earthly dimension. In recent developments of cameras were reached even further when infrared and ultraviolet energy in the light spectrum became open to us. Only until recently were we able to have seen the mysterious patterns that we were blind to.
Below are some of the photographs we have received through the years on the Chattanooga Ghost Tour and our UTC/Cemetery ghost hunt. These include an 11/15 ghost photo so good, it has been the subject of a news story; the silver ballroom of the Read House with its haunted mirror; and the Delta Queen, where normally gracious ghost Mary Greene was known to throw wineglasses in the lounge off of the dining room in her anger over alcohol being served on her ship.

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