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Ovilus X responds eerily during UTC Ghost Hunt

a man standing in front of a cake

We appear to have established that the name of the female ghost at Patten Chapel is Anna or Annie, as she has given that name at that location on multiple occasions through the Ovilus X. We suspect this is the jilted bride who committed suicide, as she said, “man,” and when asked, “what about the man?” her IMMEDIATE reply was, “cheat.” She went on to to say several things that indicated she was remorseful about her suicide, including, “sin,” “priest,” “tragedy,” and “sorry,” in pretty rapid succession. She got irritated when our guide Donnie repeatedly talked over her, in an effort to finish conveying her story, and stopped talking, and she seems to respond better to women than men.

a painting of a waterfallAt the bell tower, we again got temperature anomalies, with the temperature at the portion of the tower near the bell fluctuating wildly from 50s or higher, down to 20s.

The photos at left were taken by Jeff Stephens on that tour at the cemetery (which has no source of light). There was nothing visible to cause the lights, no flash was used, and a picture taken with the same camera between these two at that exact spot was perfectly normal, with no lights or fog.

Comment from 5/28 tour- “Awesome!! We have some pics we want to send you as soon as we download them! Interesting!!! Donny was great!!”- JH.