Dragging Cannoe

Stories of Chattanooga’s ghostly past have been ingrained in the history of the Scenic City ever since the city began in 1837. From legends of the Cherokee which resided here long before settlers pushed the natives off their land during the Trail of Tears, to the phantom cries heard following the five major battles of the Civil War which were fought on our soil, Chattanooga’s history is rich with tales of woe.

The tradition of storytelling is deeply rooted in Chattanooga’s history. Even in the early 19th century townsfolk would gather outside the house of John P. Long (now the corner of 4th and Market,)  and swap ghost stories while anxiously keeping watch of the house in hopes of seeing the infamous ghost which was regularly seen in the upstairs window.

In 2007 Amy Pettula began Chattanooga Ghost Tours, inc. because of her love of Chattanooga and its many ghost stories. Since it began, the tours have become one of the most popular tours in the United States having been named Top 10 Ghost tour by TripAdvisor and most recently by USA TODAY winning the 2015 Top 10 Readers Choice award for best haunted tour.


In 2011 Chattanooga Ghost Tours, inc. began offering a ghost hunting experience in which trained paranormal investigators would lead groups on expeditions using advanced equipment such as infrared temperature guns, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) detectors, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recording and became the first tour in the world to offer guests the ability to use the talking Ovilus X.

Over the years we have met many new friends with whom we have shared some amazing adventures and thrilling experiences! We are grateful for our fans and the enthusiastic response that we have received since we first began Chattanooga Ghost Tours. We look forward to you joining us on one of our tours or ghost hunts so you can see for yourself why we are considered one of the top 10 ghost tours in the nation!

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