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What is a ghost tour?

A ghost tour is a walking tour where guides take you to locations which have a history of paranormal activity. You will hear documented tales of hauntings, as well as some of Chattanooga’s more entertaining history.

Do you make your stories up?

No, the stories in this tour have been researched; almost all are supported by newspaper articles and books. The tour will include some of the rich history of downtown Chattanooga and its buildings, as well as information on the ghosts that have been known to haunt the area.

Do you go inside buildings on the tour?

The original and Murder & Mayhem tours both go inside at least one building, and also have a covered stop at underground Chattanooga. The Murder & Mayhem tour may include an additional inside stop, providing the location is open.
Guests have gotten many ghost photos and had occasional paranormal experiences at the outside stops on the tour, as well.

What is a Ghost Hunt?

While ghost tours are about the stories and history, ghost hunts are about the experience! You will get to use paranormal investigation equipment yourself.  Hunts offers guests the most potential to have a paranormal experience. For that reason, they are not for everyone- the hunt was designed with adventurous souls in mind. Both our UTC/Cemetery Hunt and our Downtown Ghost Hunt are entirely outdoors.

What  equipment do you use on the Ghost Hunt?

Our ghost hunts include the use of equipment ranging from EMF detectors, infrared temperature guns, grid lights, the infamous Mel Meters to Parascopes and the talking Ovilus X. Guests on our Ultimate Hunt also get to experience the SLS XCam Ghost Viewing System as seen on Ghost Adventures. To our knowledge, we remain the only ghost tour in the world to offer guests the chance to experience this remarkable piece of equipment.

Can you guarantee we will see a ghost?

Some of our guests through the years have reported seeing apparitions, feeling their clothing tugged by invisible forces, and hearing disembodied voices, as well as having captured orbs, mists, and even full-bodied apparitions in photographs.  However, ghosts are extremely unpredictable and no legitimate ghost tour can guarantee you will have such an experience. We can guarantee that you will hear exciting tales of some of Chattanooga’s most notorious hauntings.

How scary is the tour?

We do not have actors that will jump out to spook you like you find at fabricated haunted houses.  However, we are talking about REAL documented hauntings, and the possibility of a supernatural experience makes that more frightening to many than the fake stuff. That is why young children are not allowed on the hunts where the chances of such an encounter are enhanced, and no one under 18 is permitted on the cemetery ghost hunts.

How much does the tour cost?

The downtown Ghost Tours are $17.95 + tax for adults (or if you book online through the website it is just $16.95 + tax!) Children 12 and under are $11.00 + tax. Hunts are $20.00 + tax each. Ultimate Hunt prices vary depending on the location.

When are the tours?

We offer tours nightly at 8:30 pm ET Mar 1-Nov 30, and 8:30 Fridays and Saturdays Dec 1-Feb 29. Hunts are offered on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30.

How long does each tour take?

Tours and hunts take 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

The tours and the downtown hunt are both wheelchair accessible. There is a hill at the beginning of the Murder & Mayhem tour, so if you will call us to check in by phone before the start of the tour, you can meet us at the old courthouse at 635 Walnut St, and we will simply do the first story there. Because the cemetery has no paved paths and can be a bit rough, the cemetery hunt is not wheelchair accessible.

Is the tour pet friendly?

Usually, well-behaved pets are welcome on the tour, though on the Murder & Mayhem Tour, pets are not allowed in the locations on Patten Parkway that we are occasionally able to go inside. HOWEVER, at the moment, pets are not allowed inside the Read House Hotel. They are renovating and will eventually open a portion back up to pets, but guests who bring pets will not be able to accompany us inside the Read House until further notice. We are very sorry for this change, but this is due to circumstances beyond our control.
For the original tour, please note that the tour does not end where it starts, and pets other than service animals are not allowed on Chattanooga’s free electric shuttle, which many guests use to return to their cars after the tour. The walk back to the Shuttle Terminal North (about a block and a half from the shop) is about 6 blocks. Because the all-adult hunt goes into a cemetery, pets other than service animals are not allowed on the UTC/Cemetery hunt.

Are children allowed on the tour?

Children are allowed on our downtown ghost tour. However, please use your judgment about whether this is something your child would enjoy. An outside walking ghost tour may not be the best choice of entertainment for youngsters frightened of monsters under the bed, or worn-out toddlers. Our downtown ghost hunt is generally limited to ages 10 and up, and though we do not require ID, our cemetery ghost hunt is 18+ only.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for groups of 8 or more! We also are a very popular attraction with school groups as kids of all ages will be fascinated by how interesting the history of Chattanooga can be!
Call 423-821-7125 for details.

How do I buy tickets?

You may purchase tickets through the ticket links on our website. If a tour is not full, we DO accept walk-ups, though walk-ups do not receive the online discount. Because our tours regularly sell out, so we strongly suggest buying your tickets in advance so you do not miss your chance of experiencing one of the most popular and best reviewed ghost tours in the nation!
Please note that, if no one has made a reservation for a tour by 90 minutes prior to its start time, the tour will cancel. Therefore, if you wish to attend without a reservation, we strongly suggest calling an hour before the start to ensure the tour is still scheduled. We strive to insure all our guests have a wonderful time!

Where does the tour begin?

Our primary tour, the new and amazing Murder & Mayhem Tour, starts at our new shop at 57 E Fifth St, near the intersection of 4th & Market St, at the rear of Quest2Escape. Our original ghost tour starts at the downtown side of the Walnut St Bridge, 100 Walnut St, next to the statue of the Great Dane. The UTC/Cemetery ghost hunt begins at the sidewalk next to the double staircase and the large concrete University of Tennessee at Chattanooga sign, at 615 McCallie Avenue, right across the street from the First Christian Church, which is not the large lit-up church, but rather the small dark one past it. The downtown hunt starts right outside the Chestnut Street doors into the Read House Hotel, at 826 Chestnut Street.

Where do we park?

Parking on the street in Chattanooga is free after 6:00 pm and all day Sunday. Generally, you can find free parking for the Murder & Mayhem tour on Cherry or E Fifth St, near our shop. For our UTC/Cemetery Ghost Hunt, you can usually find free parking spaces immediately in front of where we meet on McCallie Ave, in front of the double staircase near the flagpole. For our original tour which starts at 100 Walnut St, you can find parking usually on Walnut St or in the lot at the intersection of Walnut & Aquarium (200 Walnut St), which is usually cheaper than the other lots around. Because the city’s free electric shuttle stops running at 8:00 pm on Sundays and holidays, we suggest parking on those days for our original tour near our last stop at the Read House Hotel, 827 Broad St, and catching the free electric shuttle from across the street to the end of the line in front of the Aquarium (Shuttle Park North), and walking up to the bridge from there, so that you will have your car at the end.

What should I bring with me?

Comfortable shoes are a must! As we will be outdoors, water and weather appropriate gear are common items. We DO sell both umbrellas and rain ponchos, as well as long sleeved shirts in our shop, for those who may have come unprepared.

What happens if it rains or snows?

We do our tours rain or shine, as long as conditions are not dangerous. We can not do hunts in significant rain. If we have to cancel a tour or hunt, we will give you the option of a refund or reschedule. If you have a question about whether or not the tour will run, please call us at 423-821-7125.

What happens if I am late for a tour?

Because we usually have other guests as well, our tours do leave on time. However, if you know that you will be running late, then call us and we will let you know whether we can have someone at the shop to walk you to the first stop. Otherwise, you may still join the tour- we will tell you where we expect your tour or hunt to be based on the time you call. Look for the group being entertained by an awesome storyteller with either a speaker or a booming voice!

How much walking is involved with each tour?

The tour itself is approximately 1 mile in length, with several stops for stories along the way.  Hunts are about half a mile.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, we encourage guests to bring cameras! We will point out the best places to get ghost photos during the tour.

Can we bring our own ghost hunting equipment?

We encourage it! As our tours take place in locations which have a high number of reports of paranormal activity, the tour offers the opportunity for both paranormal enthusiasts and experienced paranormal investigators to use their own equipment to seek out hauntings. We also offer EMF detectors for rental on our tours, based on availability. We do ask that you please let us know what equipment you have brought so that it would not get mixed in with any equipment we may be using on either our tour or ghost hunt.

Is tipping allowed?

Yes, while of course not required, if you have enjoyed your tour or hunt, our guides greatly appreciate gratuities.

Is alcohol or smoking allowed?

Because the city has a “no open container” law, alcohol is not allowed on the tour or hunt, and because we want to make sure that any ghost photos our guests get are legitimate, we ask that you refrain from smoking cigarettes of any variety during your tour or hunt.

Are souvenirs available?

Yes! We carry a number of items in our shop such as autographed books, t-shirts, and a number of steampunk items such as jewelry, goggles and top hats. We suggest you purchase these items at the beginning of your tour, as not all of our guides return to the shop after the tour.

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