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When we started the ghost tour, I thought ghostly activity would not be affected by things like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and full moons. I WAS WRONG! The closer we get to Halloween, the more active things tend to be. It is a GREAT time for a ghost tour or hunt! And in honor of our favorite season, I have created the above montage of some of my favorite ghostly images from the tour, including the sanitorium, Underground Chattanooga, the Read House, the ghost hunt, & even Hunter Museum. Can you spot the three brides (1 from the ghost hunt, other 2 from the hospital)? Two are easier, but the third is a little tricky. We wondered why we have gotten so many bridal images from the sanitorium, until some research revealed it used to be surrounded by 3 churches!

And here’s a little hint of things to come- even as we speak, we are working on a great surprise to give our guests something they have been asking for for months! More details to come soon…

In the meantime, we are running our UTC Cemetery Ghost Hunt with equipment including the talking Ovilus X (ages 18+), and both full and half size Murder & Mayhem walking ghost tours! Adult tickets are cheaper, child tickets are available and all ages are welcome on the full-size tour (25-26 people), whereas the half size tour (13-14 people) is limited to ages 13+, except for by express permission in special cases.


Thanks to our amazing fans, Chattanooga Ghost Tours received a ton of awards in the past year!

Thank you so much to all of you friends and fans who helped us get the following awards this past year:
2021 Viator Badge of Excellence
2020 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award
Fodors -Our 2020 Halloween Decorating Contest Makes Chattanooga One of the Top Ten Towns that Turn Into Halloweentown
USA Today/10Best– 2019 Top Ten US Ghost Tours
Country Living Magazine– 2019 25 Best Haunted History Tours
Good Morning America & ABC News: Top Ten Fastest Growing and Most Popular Ghost Tours in the United States.
House Beautiful: The Most Popular Ghost Tours in the US
Country Living Magazine– 20 Ghost Tours Across America That Will Scare the Pants Off of You
USA Today- Ten Cemeteries Where You Might See A Ghost
And more! See our other recent awards and our Tripadvisor Top Ten Ghost Tours in the US award on our Press Page.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours Wins Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award!

2020 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award


We are so excited to announce we have just won the coveted Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award (formerly the Certificate of Excellence). Furthermore, Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc is the only Chattanooga listing under Tours & Tickets to win that award. Thank you so much to our guests and guides for making this happen.
We have resume tours and hunts at a greatly reduced size, though as we have less capacity, they tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend booking early. We follow social distancing and offer both Mask Mandatory and Mask Optional tours.
We hope to see you soon, and thanks again!

Enjoy Tales of Ghosts & Crime At Home!


Our tours may be reduced and selling out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your ghost fix! Explore Chattanooga’s haunted past, from the ghost of the Delta Queen and the porter who forever roams the grounds of the historic Choo Choo, to the restless souls that haunt the city from below. The specters of Chattanooga’s past are everywhere! 
Join Authors Jessica Penot and Amy Petulla as they survey the most historically haunted places in and around the Scenic City.
Click the picture to buy AUTOGRAPHED copies well below cover price. Also available any place online where books are sold, and in our shop and bookstores after the QuarinScream.

As Mentioned on Top Ten Podcast My Favorite Murder!

The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia details the most bizarre true crime you’ll ever hear, and the most colorful characters that people the town. Featured on the nationally known true crime podcast Sword and Scale, this recounting which includes the Church of Satan, LSD, a handbuilt castle in the middle of the national forest is sure to entertain you too!
Click the image to buy autographed copies here below cover price. Also available in our shop, local bookstores, GooglePlay or iTunes, Amazon, and any place online that books are sold! 


Dennis Wilson
Check out the photos from our Halloween Decorating Contest Entries HERE


RECENTLY UPDATED! See real photos taken by guests during our ghost hunts and tours.


Chattanooga Ghost Tours is one of the most talked about haunted tours in the nation! We are honored to be named TOP 10 ghost tour in the USA by tripadvisor as well as to receive the readers choice 10 Best award by USA TODAY!

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

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