An uneasy calm comes over you as you gaze up at the stately brick manor house of Mr. Earl E. Grave. Dark clouds filled with flashes of lightning loom ominously in the distance over the sprawling estate as a bitter wind begins to blow. The wind’s chill from the impending storm grips you tightly as you make your way up the cold marble stairs to the solid sturdy entry door to the manor. Everything seems quiet, a thick dead lull of stillness.

You know with certainty that this stillness is but an illusion.  Somewhere within the various rooms of this grand residence lays the lifeless body of Dr. Earl E. Grave, succumbed to a murderous deed perpetrated by one of his six guests who still subsist within this house of horror. No, dear friend. It is not for frivolous and faint of heart pleasantries that your visit to this gloom of doom and danger begins today. Along with Dr. Grave’s ill-fated corpse are his six dinner guests, an assortment of characters each with various nefarious motives as to why they would benefit by Dr. Grave’s demise. It is your job to discover who done it, where, and how.

Thud heavy knocks reverberate into an echo crescendo as you rap loudly on the thick weighty door.

You introduce yourself to the milky skinned dame that peers behind the door.

“My name is Detective [currentuser_lastname]”