***Warning! We do not recommend ghost hunts and paranormal investigations for people with heart issues or other conditions which could be aggravated by this adventure. Paranormal events are not within our control and are  extremely unpredictable. We can not guarantee you will have an experience. More importantly, we especially can’t guarantee that you won’t.***


Our experienced paranormal investigators will take you on an adventure into the realm of the paranormal. Chattanooga Ghost Tours’ ghost hunts and paranormal expeditions feature the latest in investigation equipment such as high tech EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors, infrared temperature guns, K-II meters, Mel Meter, the talking Ovilus X  instrumental transcommunication device, and on ultimate hunts our newest devices, the XCAM SLS Structured Light Sensor ghost mapping system or the Poltercom.



Fridays and Saturdays, Adults Only hunt – School spirit takes on a new meaning during the UTC Cemetery ghost hunt! Feel the spine tingling chill as an EMF meter lights up in your hands, letting you know that an unseen presence could be inches away from where you stand.

Find out first hand what it is like being on a paranormal investigation while ghost hunting along the historic 130 year old campus of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga where many notable occurrences have haunted its halls. Venture into the historic Citizens Cemetery, Chattanooga’s oldest graveyard, where founding fathers and those who shaped our city now rest- and play. This hunt starts at 615 McCallie Avenue. A photo of the exact start location will be included in your confirmation email.


This hunt utilizes infrared temperature guns, EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors, K2 meters, Ovilus talk box, Mel-Meter, and more. You will experiment with detecting ghosts and spirit anomalies utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum and communicating with spirits through transcommunication instruments.

UTC and cemetery hunt includes an enhanced experience with the talking Ovilus X, a cutting edge transcommunication device.
$24 + tax, or $22 if booked online (This Hunt is ages 18+ ONLY)

$22.00 + tax Military (Active or veterans & family members-Must bring ID), or $20 if booked online
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