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Do YOU Believe in Ghosts? & Other Common Questions

Child ghost shadow (There was no child on this tour!)

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether WE believe in ghosts. I can’t speak for my guides (although I can tell you that, like many guests, some who started as non-believers converted pretty quickly), but as for ME, the answer is a resounding YES.

That was not always the case. I did NOT believe in ghosts when I started the tour; I just thought ghost tours were a really great way to learn about a city while having fun. Our tours include lots of entertaining history that even locals usually don’t know, so even those who are not “into” ghosts will enjoy it. However, we have had so many things happen on the tour and had so many guests get unexplainable photos, I had no choice but to change my thinking.

The photo above was taken while our tour, consisting that night of only adults, was walking down a deserted alley with no one else around. The child ghost in the photo speaks for itself.

Speaking of children, we are also asked pretty often whether the tour is appropriate for young children. First, I’d note that the ghost hunt has always been ages 18+, and right now during Covid, the tour is ages 13+, except by permission after we have talked to the parents, to make sure that everyone on the tour can and will comply with social distancing. That aside, most kids love our tour. I do warn parents that if you have a child who is afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet, a ghost tour is not an appropriate entertainment for them. If you do not want your child to hear about such things as someone getting their head bashed in, the tour is not appropriate for your child. And if you are telling your child these are just made up stories, the tour is not appropriate for them, as we confirm several times during the tour that these are documented stories, mostly by newspaper accounts, some from books and television shows.

There is one other group of children that may at least start out fearful on our tour, but this group actually usually benefits from the experience, and that is children that see ghosts. Yes, I know that many of you are saying there are no children like that outside of “Sixth Sense,” but we have had more than one child who was terrified at the beginning of the tour, because unknown to their parents, they saw and heard entities their parents did not, and the thought of encountering many of those within a short period of time put a lot of stress on them. However, when our guides realized the issue, they explained to the child that our ghosts are friendly and what the child was experiencing was actually a very special gift, and by the end of the tour, they were no longer fearful.

If you have a child like this, call us and we will recommend the best guide for you to book with (typically one who has had similar experiences). In the meantime, Happy Haunting!