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Bride & Groom Ghosts Appear Around June Near Asylum- Why?

a stove top oven sitting next to a window

June 2019 we had multiple guests on different tours get photos of bride and groom couples at the sanitarium. (These two were indeed taken on different tours.) Why in the world would they be showing up there?

Many of you know that this is one of the most active spots on our tour for ghost photos. Ghosts in old-fashioned clothes, a doctor walking through in a lab coat- those made sense. But marrying couples? Our guide Joan decided to do some research of her own and discovered why. In the old days, this property was surrounded on three sides by churches!

Of course, it is no surprise that June is when these particular ghosts like to show up. If they show up for you, throw some good wishes their way for eternal happiness in the afterlife!