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Brown’s Tavern Hunts Active & Spooky

Bloodstain in Tavern’s north bedroom where Brown murdered his victims, remains to this day

Our Brown’s Tavern hunts have been going on for some weeks now, and have proved to be just as creepy as we expected. All of the Tavern hunts are “ultimate” hunts, that is, we use the SLS XCam Ghost Viewing System at that location every hunt, and we are expecting to get our Poltercom in this week and are very excited to use it for this weekend’s hunt there, which for the first time, will be led by our strongest “ghost magnet,” Hope!

On the very first hunt at the tavern, we had exciting results from the SLS. As with any legitimate ghost hunt, we cannot control the response of the equipment, and as you would expect, appearances by full figures do not occur very often. On that occasion, not only did we get a full figure, but the figure responded properly to requests! When asked to “raise your right hand,” the apparition did so. The figure was then asked to raise its left hand, and it complied with that, as well!

Nor was the SLS the only piece that gave astonishing results on that initial hunt. The talking Ovilus was asked, “How many spirits are present?” We have had the Ovilus since 2011, and it has never given a number higher than 10. Nevertheless, it immediately and clearly responded “38” to this question. Later that evening, as our owner was excitedly telling a newly-arrived guide “I asked how many spirits,” it interrupted to again say, “38.”

Other guests also got responses from equipment such as EMF detectors and Kii meters, among others. It should be noted that this is a flashlight hunt with NO ELECTRICITY. Therefore, responses received could not be caused by active electric wires.

At a later Tavern hunt, a child spirit was seen playing with a guest on the SLS. The first time we explored the tavern in preparation for the hunt, the entity speaking was obsessed with finding some business records under the floor, as it repeated over and over, “Seek. Records. Business. Where. At? Floor. Under.” We will be posting video of that shortly. We also took photos of the bloodstains that still remain in the north bedroom, where John Brown was said to have murdered many of his richest tavern guests, while we were there.

The spirits at the tavern managed to scare off the single couple who came a couple of weeks ago, when it said, “Green shirt. Under.” And when we asked what was under the young lady (who was wearing a green shirt), it replied, “My family.” They made a rapid departure thereafter.

We have acquired a number of other new pieces of equipment this month, and will be using them on this weekend’s inside hunt, as well. Come join us for this very special hunt!