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“Would Do it Again in a Heartbeat!”

a man that is on fire

“Our party did the 11:30PM UTC Cemetery ‘Hunt’ on Saturday, 10/25/14 with John. He was very engaging and informative and made certain that everyone knew what we were doing and enjoyed ourselves. Using the SLS we were able to see anomalies several times and with the Ovilus many of us were able to speak with the ghosts. While we were at one site, ‘something’ ran it’s hand through my hair when there was no one next to me to do it; at the same time the SLS showed an anomaly between me and the next member of our ‘hunt’.

While another member of our ‘hunt’ was speaking with a ghost on the Ovilus it began repeating a name. John asked if anyone knew someone by that name, it was the name of my ex-husband. He gave the Ovilus to me and it told me it was there to “count the bodies of the dead’. Then it suddenly said “spirits are here” and the EMS sensors members were using began going off. It was fun. We really enjoyed it and would do it again in a heartbeat.”