How to Play

Whodunit?! is inspired by the classic board game Clue. The rules are similar.

Dr. Grave was murdered by one of his six dinner guests. The suspects are Professor Prune, Colonel Mayo, Mr. Grass, Miss Flamingo, Lady Scarlett, and his housemaid Betty.

The murder took place in one of nine rooms inside of his manor. The rooms are the hall, the billiard room, the dining room, the library, the conservatory, the kitchen, the study, the lounge, and the ballroom.

He was killed with one of six possible weapons: the rope, the knife, the lead pipe, the revolver, the candlestick, and the wrench.

Use your skills of deduction to eliminate suspects and find out who the murderer is, what room the murder happened, and what weapon was used. When you are certain you know the answer, go to the Clue Entry page and submit your answer. Be Aware! If you are wrong, you are out of the game and will not be eligible to win prizes!

Entries will be accepted until May 25th!