Welcome to Whodunit!?, a live action murder mystery contest and scavenger hunt  sponsored by Chattanooga Ghost Tours inc.!

Find out who murdered Dr. Earl E. Grave!

You are a detective called to Grave Manor, the ominous scene of the good doctor’s chilling death. 

Between April 15th and May 5th we will announce secret locations in downtown Chattanooga that are the rooms of Grave Manor where you can find clues to solve the murder mystery.




You are a detective called to Grave Manor, the grizzly site of Dr. Earl E. Grave’s grim demise. Dr. Grave was murdered by one of his six dinner guests. The suspects are Professor Prune, Colonel Mayo, Mr. Grass, Miss Flamingo, Lady Scarlett, and Betty.
The murder took place in one of nine rooms inside of his manor. The rooms are the hall, the billiard room, the dining room, the library, the conservatory, the boiler room, the study, the lounge, and the ballroom.
He was killed with one of six possible weapons: the rope, the knife, the lead pipe, the revolver, the candlestick, and the wrench.
It is your job to figure out who done it, in what room, and with what weapon.
Each week between April 15th and May 5th on our Facebook page we will announce room locations scattered throughout downtown Chattanooga. 
At each location look for a WHODUNIT poster.  On the poster will be a QR code that will take you to a page on our website where there  will be clues exonerating weapons, suspects, and rooms.
When you have solved the mystery, submit your entry on our website.
ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! The clues at each location will provide the information you need to solve the mystery. Participants who have entered a correct submission by May 5th by identifying the correct weapon, room, and suspect, will be entered into a drawing where we will award a plethora of prizes! 

The 9 room locations are located in downtown Chattanooga, within a 1 mile radius from the Chattanooga Ghost Tours shop.