CGTI Introduces the Poltercom!

So super excited to introduce our NEWEST piece of equipment for our Ultimate Hunt, the Poltercom by Paranologies! We are getting the 8th one EVER MADE. It should be here within the next 2 weeks, once they have finished building it. This spirit box-type ITC device is the first ever in the WORLD with a MOTORIZED sweep system. To make it even more special for our guests, we have upgraded it to include the Parascope Sweep Sensor. This means that it takes into account various environmental factors to allow it to turn the dial ON ITS OWN (or at least, controlled by forces we can’t see : ) to either give appropriate audible responses OR to point to Yes or No. Watch the video to learn more about it.
 Once it arrives, our “ghost magnet” Hope will conduct the very first Ultimate Hunt with this device at our newest and only INDOOR hunt location, the historic Brown’s Ferry Tavern. We know our paranormal investigation group and Facebook fans especially will be excited about the chance to use this piece, along with the SLS, which many of them have read about but not had an opportunity to experience. So we are giving you all the first chance to let us know you are interested in this hunt by calling me personally at 423-821-7125. We will collect your contact info and call you once it is in to give you first chance to schedule this hunt.
In the meantime, after an absence of a couple of weeks, we have our second Brown’s Tavern hunt this weekend, and for those who have asked, yes, we WILL bring along the SLS to use on this hunt. The Tavern hunt can be booked online by clicking “tickets” on our website.
We are so thrilled to be able to offer our loyal friends and fans the chance to once again be among the first in the world to experience something not available on any other ghost tour or hunt anywhere. Happy haunting!

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