Ovilus Communications 6/11/16 Weekend


Ovilus describes lost mermaid pendant

Sunday night, we had a guest that started Jack’s cemetery hunt as very much a skeptic. She looked startled but did not speak up when the Ovilus called out a man’s name. She looked startled again but still did not speak up when it said some other things. But after one more instance, she pulled Jack aside and said that the name given was that of her dead grandfather, the second statement was personal details of his last days. The statement that had finally provoked her to speak was when it said “Tell <his wife’s name) that I talked to you.”

Also, when another guest’s necklace and shoulder strap simultaneously broke a short time later (she revealed privately that, though no one was close, she had felt a tug) and she asked if we could help her find the pendant, the Ovilus said “mermaid.” The pendant was a mermaid’s tail. 🙂

The day before, Saturday June 11, Hope was doing a Choo Choo tour and using the Ovilus at one location. The Ovilus REPEATEDLY referred to a man in connection with a religion ( I won’t repeat exactly what it said because some people might be offended) & said “will shoot will shoot will shoot! ” It happened so often Hope thought her Ovilus had somehow gotten stuck on that phrase. These were not phrases we had ever heard from the Ovilus before. While at the time, no one understood the significance, later that night, the worst mass shooting in history occurred in Orlando, Florida, one for which ISIS claimed responsibility. We were shocked when we heard the news the next day, and could not help but think of the phrases we had thought were simply a glitch in our equipment, as we grieved along with the rest of the country for the victims of this tragedy.

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