Hope’s Ghost Hunt Conversation with the Dead 10/2017

Hope uses the talking Ovilus X to communicate with the dead on her ghost hunts.

Hope uses the talking Ovilus X to communicate with the dead on her ghost hunts.

Hope Holloway reported a truly phenomenal experience on her hunt tonight! Being a weeknight, there ended up being only one couple signed up. Hope tends to “pick up on things”. She mentioned to the couple at the beginning that sometimes deceased relatives will try to communicate on the hunt. She just had a feeling that that might be the case tonight.

Well, at the very first stop, Hope turned the Ovilus on (the piece of equipment that says words based on the readings). The very first word the Ovilus spit out was the woman’s mother’s name. It was quite clear that she wanted to communicate. Hope and the couple ended up staying in the one spot all evening communicating with the woman’s mother and the husband’s deceased wife.

There were many, many names and details mentioned. They were given advice in many areas of their life. At one point the Ovilus kept repeating the word “reverend”. Hope had a last name pop to mind, and it turns out that the couple knew a pastor by the name Hope mentioned! They were warned that an electrical issue that they were already concerned about, needed to be addressed. Their lawyer’s name was mentioned, along with several other relevant names.

Later in the evening, Hope felt a tickle on her neck and her necklace was yanked off, and ended up lying on her chest. The couple saw the necklace and asked if it was the husband’s deceased wife doing it (because she had a sense of humor and liked to play tricks) and she agreed that it was her and she laughed about it.

The woman and Hope also felt soft touches on their legs, like tickling. In the very end, after the couple was told by one of the spirits to go rest, the word “crossover” came over the Ovilus. It was if the spirit had resolved her unfinished business, and could now crossover! They weren’t sure which spirit it was, but either way, it seemed like a good omen.

It was an exciting yet comforting and peaceful experience, to say the least. The couple agreed to keep in touch with Hope, and let her know how things go in the future.

WHAT a night!

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