Help, We’re Haunted!

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Despite our earlier declarations to the contrary, it appears our shop may be haunted. We discovered recently that our building is the oldest commercial building in downtown, but while age bodes well for ghosts, it does not guarantee spirited activity. However, the occurrences of the past few weeks have reached the level of “unexplainable.”


Often the cloth that serves as a screen for our ghostly projector comes loose on one side, but in the past week or so, when we come in, it has come completely down and is laying in a puddle on the floor. Perhaps it is the heat, we said. The stand for ONE (and only one) of our holograms will close up on its own right in front of me. Perhaps it is some physics balance thing, I told myself (though it never happens with the other, identical one).

Hope says that things have moved around when she was there before too. The repeated knocking we have heard lately on the door, despite the fact no one is outside, is a new phenomenon not as easily explainable.  But what I discovered upon entering the shop earlier this week was the last straw. The screen cloth, which I had actually been unable to pull down myself the day before because the new adhesive strip I had added was so tight, was laying on the floor, the canvas sign on the door was also on the floor as if someone had jerked it down, the shop had a general appearance of disarray, and most unexplainable, a t-shirt was laying crumpled on the floor, as if someone had snatched it off the shelf and wadded it up, despite the fact no one had been in there since I left! Oh yes, and when I asked whatever entity was there to please not yank any more things down, the cloth screen which I had just reattached immediately fell as if someone was laughing at me.

At least it has a haunted sense of humor. 🙂


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