Haunted Hiking, A Post by Freelance Writer Sally Writes

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Get Spooked on a Haunted Hiking Trail   -Written by Sally Writes

Hiking always presents a challenge, but have you ever thought about adding to the challenge by trekking along a haunted trail? The chill you’ll feel as you venture along a historic route, recounting tales of those who have walked it before you is one you’ll never forget. For adventure-seekers in Tennessee, the great outdoors also presents an exciting outlet for conquering fears amongst many ghostly locations.

There are many haunted trails in the Southern States, and Tennessee is no stranger to hosting an array of locations that are brimming with spooky stories of untimely deaths and tragic murders. In addition to the ghost tours offered in Chattanooga, there are a variety of haunted hikes you can go on in the Smoky Mountains that will certainly make the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. What follows is our list of several haunted hikes you can go on in Tennessee – but only if you dare!

Ghost House Trail

Located in Big Ridge State Park, which is just 25 miles north of Knoxville, the Ghost House Trail stretches for 1.2 miles in a continuous loop. One of the most infamous stories of horror that makes this trail especially haunted is the story of the Hutchinson family. Mary Hutchinson, who was a little girl, died from tuberculosis in her home that was once on the Ghost House Trail, and people have heard her screams while hiking along the path. Others have reported hearing a panting phantom dog and figures in the graveyard, so this frightening hike is definitely a thrill-seeker’s dream.

Indian Rock Trail

Another trail in Big Ridge State Park is Indian Rock Trail, which is 2.6 miles long and is very difficult to hike, even for experienced hikers. The trail is quite rugged and rocky, so be sure to bring along proper hiking gear. The trail begins just after Langley Cemetery. Long ago, a settler named Peter Graves was brutally murdered by Indians while turkey hunting. Hikers claim to have seen his mutilated body wandering around the trail!

Bloody Acres Haunted Woods

In Gallatin, an excitingly spooky area that is certain to deliver many scary hiking adventures is Bloody Acres Haunted Woods. Located within acres of woods, visitors have said that ghosts of soldiers and a bat-like creature haunt the hiking trails. Giving you free range to explore the woods on your own, this location can be quite eerie without many people around. But if you are one for dark, shadowy woods, then this is a great haunted hiking option for you.

Knowing the variety of places in Tennessee that are said to be teeming with supernatural horrors, you can plan a fun albeit terrifying hiking adventure for you and your friends.

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