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Award-Winning Murder & Mayhem Tour!

Our new shop has allowed us to make our tour even more awesome! The Murder & Mayhem Tour starts AND ends at our new shop at 57 E. Fifth St, and has more ghosts, more scenic stops, less walking, and often an additional inside visit!  (NOTE: During Covid crisis, inside stops are suspended, and shop is not open to the public.) The shop, with its haunted steampunk theme, is an attraction in and of itself, with the best souvenirs in town, and our additional inside visit is at the most actively haunted location we ever explored. Come join us for both old favorites and new hauntings.

$22.95 + tax Regular ticket, or $20.95 + tax if booked online
$20.95 + tax Military (Active or veterans & family members-Must bring ID), or 19.95 if booked online
During Covid crisis, children under 13 are not allowed except by advance permission of owner for children who can and will follow social distancing. Call 423-800-5998 to request permission for younger child.
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Original Chattanooga Ghost Tour

This tour is NOT being offered during the Covid crisis.
When our Murder & Mayhem tour is unavailable because of a loud concert, we may instead offer our original tour, during which our acclaimed storytellers will take you on a walking journey to the very sites where documented sightings of ghosts occurred throughout our city’s dark and sinister past. Hear Chattanooga’s haunted history, from the innocent man whose lynching by rope changed American law, to the underground site of a former undertaker’s where spirits continue to lurk. Take photos at the most likely locations for a phantom photobomb. End your tour with an INSIDE visit to the area’s most famous haunting!
 Reservations required.

$22.95 + tax regular ticket, $20.95 + tax if booked online
$20.95/19.95 + tax Military (Active or veterans & family members)
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Ghost Hunts

Award-Winning UTC / Cemetery Ghost Hunt

Our Cemetery Ghost Hunt is for serious thrill seekers. Feel the spine tingling chill as an EMF meter lights up in your hands, letting you know that a dark presence could be close at hand. Experience the heart palpitating adrenaline rush during a hair raising adventure into the realm of the paranormal.

Highlights of the 1½ hour Ghost Hunt will include:

  • An adults-only ghost hunt around the 130 year old campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, including Citizens Cemetery, Chattanooga’s oldest graveyard.
  • Utilizes temperature guns, EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors, Kii meters, Parascope, and other advanced equipment to find ghosts
  • Enhanced experience with the talking Ovilus X, a cutting edge communication device.
***Warning! We do not recommend this tour for people with heart conditions***

$24 + tax ADULTS ONLY (ages 18+), or $22+ tax if booked online
$22/$20 + tax Military (Active or veterans & family members)
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Ultimate Ghost Hunt

The Ultimate Ghost Hunt includes the SLS viewing system, a revolutionary piece of equipment first seen on Ghost Adventures that allows us the opportunity to see ghosts near us. This ghost mapping system utilizes a camera and computer to capture moving visualizations of spirits. We are hoping to offer this again after the Covid crisis has passed.

$28.95 + tax Adults
$26.95 + tax Military (Active or veterans & family members-Must bring ID)

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