Guided by the Spirits

 Our 2013 hunts were VERY active. One of the most impressive was when Donnie was about to cross from the campus to the cemetery with his group, when suddenly the Ovilus said “Distress! Distress!” It startled them, so it held them up for a second or two. Right then, a driver came flying around the corner and wrecked right in front of them. It would have struck them had it not been for the Ovilus. We are very grateful that SOMETHING in the cemetery likes Donnie!

It was possibly “Tim”, who is quite fond on Donnie, gave a LOT of info via the Ovilus X this about himself. He lead the group to a tree in the cemetery where he was either buried or killed.

closeup graveyard

The above photos were taken by Dustin Rankhorn and his family in November. All 4 were taken within a few seconds of each other. In the top 2, you can see a figure appear that was not there a second or two before. Regarding the bottom 2, we sent them to our ghost photo consultant (who 99% of the time debunks the photos we send him), His response was “OH S**T!”  Picture 3 on the left side of the trees in the clearing between the trees has two men standing in old style wide brim hats holding long rifles. Picture 2 they are still there but holding the rifles differently.”


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