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TBT – The Shoe-Eating Ghost

a person standing in front of a building

Around this time last year, Hope went through FOUR pairs of shoes in two days to SOMETHING on the tour, which for lack of a better word we named “The Shoe Eating Ghost.” One pair simply tore as she was leading the group, causing her to wrench her foot near a so-called “lounge” on Market St. Though there was nothing to cause it to tear, she put it down to bad luck. The next two, large portions of the soles simply dissolved, for no discernible reason. Fortunately, a lady on the tour had for some reason tucked an extra pair of sandals into her purse, and was kind enough to lend them to Hope. Towards the very end of that tour, however, those shoes literally disintegrated right off her feet. I’m guessing it was this troll-like creature who appeared in a photo one of our guests captured last year. While I added the arrow and the blowup, much to our surprise, upon examination, it was confirmed the one they sent us was an unaltered photo.