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Chattanooga Ghost Tours offers ULTIMATE Ghost Hunt using the SLS Viewing System!


“The SLS – XCam system is the next level of Paranormal Research.” -Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures (St James Hotel/season 9 episode 8)

The SLS XCam is a Structured Light Sensor which allows us to see greater parts of the spectrum than our eyes can see. Using advanced technology, this equipment pushes the bounds by which we are able to detect and investigate for paranormal activity. This includes ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing and light frequency sensing.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours was the first in the country to bring their guests the Ovilus X to allow them to HEAR the spirits, & now, we are the first ghost tour in the world to allow our guests access to this unique device to let them SEE the ghosts. This remarkable piece of cutting edge equipment uses a camera and tablet computer to produce a moving, visible IMAGE OF A GHOST! This apparatus produces results FAR more often than thermal cameras, and is visible immediately, without the necessity of hours of review.

a person in a dark room