Do you want something more adventurous than just hearing tales and taking pictures of downtown's ghosts? We offer two different Chattanooga ghost hunts, as well as our ULTIMATE ghost hunt with the SLS Ghost Mapping/Visualization system!
Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc is proud to offer our guests the chance to use cutting edge paranormal detection devices. Our equipment includes the SLS to see ghosts, the Ovilus to hear ghosts, Parascopes to detect their movement, a MEL Meter, EMF detectors, temperature guns, KII meters, chaser lights, and more. Come investigate with us!
ALL ADULT Chattanooga ghost hunts will take place each Friday & Saturday at 9:30 pm, and other times by reservation. This hunt meets at the sidewalk in front of the double staircase & concrete University of Tennessee at Chattanooga sign (near Patten Chapel) at approximately 615 McCallie Avenue, and includes both the UTC campus and Citizens Cemetery.
For families with children and those who want to stay in the downtown area and investigate with HOPE, check our Saturday GHOST HUNT WITH HOPE (no children under age 10) or our nightly ghost tour (all ages). Hunts are $20 per person. JOHN HOLLOWAY & DONNIE KITCHENS will be guiding our cemetery ghost hunts, and HOPE HOLLOWAY leads our downtown Chattanooga ghost hunts. These tours are limited in size, so make your reservation today!


For the ULTIMATE in ghost hunting, check out our SLS hunt with the Digital Dowsing Ghost Mapping System, previously seen only on Ghost Adventures. Check our video from our first trial of the SLS, made in room 311 of the Sheraton Read House. To the left is a photo from our trial of the SLS Ghost Mapping/Visualization system in Room 311 of the Read House. Hope had just asked "Walter" (a name given when he had appeared earlier) if he could reappear again. The Ovilus said " 'k" & this appeared onscreen. You can see video of this happening on our SLS booking page. Many other things happened, including a felt & onscreen touch on command while Ovilus said "touch."
"Our party did the 11:30PM UTC Cemetery ‘Hunt’ on Saturday, 10/25/14 with John. He was very engaging and informative and make certain that everyone knew with what we were doing and enjoyed ourselves. Using the SLS we were able to see anomalies several times and with the Ovilus many of us were able to speak with the ghosts. While we were at one site, ‘something’ ran it’s hand through my hair, and there was no one next to me to do it; at the same time the SLS showed an anomaly between me and the next member of our ‘hunt’. Also, while another member of our ‘hunt’ was speaking with a ghost on the Ovilus it began repeating a name. John asked if anyone knew someone by that name, it was the name of my ex-husband. He gave the Ovilus to me and it told me it was there to “count the bodies of the dead’. Then it suddenly said “spirits are here” and the EMS sensors members were using began going off. It was fun. We really enjoyed it and would do it again in a heartbeat."


(September 19, 2015) The family from September 11 who got the cool photo came back the very next weekend to see if our hunt would be active again, and they were not disappointed! Our ghosts particularly liked one young lady, Cayci, that night. She had repeatedly asked "Anna", our bride in white ghost at Patten Chapel, to open the locked door. Anna ignored her repeated requests until, disappointed, the group turned away, when suddenly they heard an audible "click." They eagerly tried the door again, and sure enough, it was unlocked! Cayci stuck her camera in just long enough to capture this awesome photo of Anna in the chapel.



(Sept 11, 2015) It has been a while since we have updated photos and stories of our hunts, but that does not mean nothing has been happening; on the contrary, our hunts have been quite active lately! The photo to the left was taken by our guest Alisha on our tour 9/11/15 of a window in the bell tower usually haunted by a figure who identifies himself as a monk (though we have our doubts about that!) We will add more to this narrative and the one for September 19 about all the activity those nights very soon!


(Nov 2013) Apparently one of our updates to this page got deleted. Our 2013 hunts were VERY active. We can't recount everything here, but one of the most impressive was when Donnie was about to cross from the campus to the cemetery with his group, when suddenly, the Ovilus said, "Distress! Distress!" It startled them, so it held them up for a second or two. Right then, a drunk driver came flying around the corner and wrecked right in front of them. It would have struck them but for the Ovilus. We are very grateful that SOMETHING in the cemetery likes Donnie! It was possibly "Tim", who is quite fond on Donnie, and who gave a LOT of info via the Ovilus this fall about himself, including leading a group to a tree in the cemetery where he was either buried or killed.
The photos to the right were taken by Dustin Rankhorn and his family in November. All 4 were taken within a few seconds of each other. In the top 2, you can see a figure appear that was not there a second or two before. Regarding the bottom 2, we sent them to our ghost photo consultant (who 99% of the time debunks the photos we send him), and this is what he had to say about them: "You want an "OH SHIT!" from this? Picture 3 on the left side of the trees in the clearing between the trees has two men standing in old style wide brim hats holding long rifles. Picture 2 they are still there but holding the rifles differently." WOW!



(Mar 2012) We have continued to have lots of activity on the ghost hunt. Lately, the Ovilus has been very sweet to some of the women on the tour, telling them how nice and pretty and kind they are, while simultaneously picking on some of the guys. Earlier this week, it was doing this to one couple in particular, telling the guy (when the lady had just told him not to fall on the stairs because she couldn't catch him), that he was "too heavy," among many other things. It has said "Don't know," when a woman asked jokingly why she married her husband. It has not limited its comments to our hunts, either. Last night, after being unable to find some recently purchased medicine anywhere in the house, in desperation, I finally turned on the Ovilus and demanded to know where it was. It replied, "Under (the) damn johnny," and a few moments later, added. "sink." In truth, under the bathroom sink was where I thought I had put it, but after another search there, it still didn't show up. When I returned to the Ovilus and said in disgust that it wasn't there, what was its reply? "Laugh." : / Everyone's a joker.
The photo to the left, of a shadow figure that appears to be holding a rifle, was taken on a hunt by Becca Sproat in August, and she says no one was there when this was taken.


August 2012- Hunts & tours have been super active lately! On almost all of Donnie's hunts recently, people have seen a shadow figure darting through the cemetery, & the Patten Chapel jilted bride has not only chatted a good bit; she has also made a few appearances. On one recent hunt, the entire tour saw a bride with glowing white eyes through the window, & some saw a shadow figure running after her when she left the window. They also heard a very loud bang come from the door, one they couldn't recreate. Thinking it was perhaps a prankster who'd snuck inside, our group reported it to security. After thoroughly searching the chapel, the guard emerged red-faced and irritated, thinking we were messing with him, because there was absolutely no one inside! At least one person got a photo of the bride in the window, though they haven't yet sent it in. We'll be sure to post it upon receipt!
On a March hunt, Neal Anderson took this fabulous orb photo. He said, "I just wanted to say Donnie did a great job on our ghost hunt. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a great hunt!"
We did an interview with Shock Theatre recently, and in the course of it, were demonstrating the Ovilus, with the DTD reader hooked up so we could make sure we knew what it was saying. Hope asked what the spirit's name was, and it replied, "Paul." Immediately after, he said, "travelled," and when Hope asked where he travelled from, the reply was "Light"! You can view the video here. Paul's discourse occurs at about 13:50."> You can see more conversation with the Ovilus, as well as our other equipment, on youtube.The equipment demo begins at about 4:45.




Oct 2011- Sorry we have not updated info on the hunt in a while. The Ovilus and other equipment is still very active- often the reports I get are enthusiastic statements like, "You won't believe what it did tonight!" without a lot of details. However, this past weekend, on one of the hunts, the group was going around giving their names, and the Ovilus did not respond until it got to Lou. At that time, it said, "Hey, Lou," and proceeded to address and respond only to Lou the rest of the night. The temperature gun also gave at least one extremely low reading, despite the fact it was not cold out. The next night, it growled at one of our guests (something it has only done once before), and became very erratic, so we replaced it with our new Ovilus, which began talking so much and so fast, they had a hard time keeping up with what it was saying.
This photo was taken by Sunny Bingham at the cemetery. I believe the pole shown is the flagpole marking the grave of the Union soldiers buried in the Confederate cemetery. Perhaps that accounts for the numerous orbs guarding it. Her comment- "UTC Campus...Had a great time would highly recommand the Ghost Hunt..The Ovilus X box was alot of Fun!!" Thanks, Sunny!


(June 11 tour) A couple of reports have come in from our June 11 ghost tour already. When standing near the Lattner grave (the same family who owned the house taken over by Grant during the Civil War, which is discussed on the ghost tour), an EMF detector that was inadvertently left on went off at a very high level, despite the fact there were no power sources anywhere around. When standing right outside the cemetery, the Ovilus gave the names, "Fred," and "Ellen," and when they subsequently went into the cemetery, they passed a grave that had both those names. At the Shakespeare Garden at Patten Chapel, when one guest was asking about the difference between a demon and a poltergeist, and inquired what a poltergeist was, the Ovilus immediately interrupted Jeromie's explanation to say, "Demon." Apparently "Anna" believes them to be one and the same. It also reportedly again cussed Jeromie near the graveyard. SOMEBODY there clearly doesn't like him! Many other things were said, as well.



(June 29) Our ghost hunt on June 29 was especially creepy. We believe it was the monk who repeatedly gave warnings- "Run!", "It's coming!", "Turn left," and "It's here!" among others. It also called one of our guests, "Cayla," by name, and seemed to be addressing these warnings to her. At the time of one of these warnings, our temperature gun gave a reading of 107 right next to her. It was warm that night, but not THAT hot! It is the only time we have gotten any alarming messages on the hunt.
The photo at left (taken by Jeff Stephens) is the Patten Chapel Shakespeare Garden where Anna or Annie did alot of talking. (We have moved this stop for security reasons, but the new stop is where the remarks to "Lou," described below, occurred.) Note the rare green orb at top right.



Our Ovilus X has often called people by name, given names when asked its name, responded with emotions like "pissed" when asked how it was doing, commented on a room it was in {"small kitchen"), said, "food," and when asked as a follow up what kind of food it liked, responded, "(po)tato wedges," counted our groups, told people their occupations, & said many other things.
(May 14 tour)The day before the first hunt, when we were experimenting with the Ovilus near the cemetery, in addition to several other comments, it called one of our guides a VERY rude name when he was laughing about the ghost. On our first ghost hunt, the Ovilus answered lots of questions, and at one point even got very bossy. ("Here. Turn around. Sit. Talk.") It also instructed us to bring coffee for it to smell next time. Temperature dropped at the Patten Chapel bell tower from around 68, to 27, then down to ZERO! This was right after Jeromie had mentioned he could have sworn he saw someone moving up near the bell- although that was impossible at that part of the locked tower, which appears at that height to require a ladder for access. Some folks got great photos, as well, including a rare red orb (which we hope they'll send in). Comment from that tour- "it was awesome I was there !!!"- THG. We look forward to having you join us for a hunt soon!




(May 28 hunt) We appear to have established that the name of the female ghost at Patten Chapel is Anna or Annie, as she has given that name at that location on multiple locations. We suspect this is the jilted bride who committed suicide, as she said, "man," and when asked, "what about the man?" her IMMEDIATE reply was, "cheat." She went on to to say several things that indicated she was remorseful about her suicide, including, "sin," "priest," "tragedy," and "sorry," in pretty rapid succession. She got irritated when our guide Donnie repeatedly talked over her, in an effort to finish conveying her story, and stopped talking, and she seems to respond better to women than men. At the bell tower, we again got temperature anomalies, with the temperature at the portion of the tower near the bell fluctuating wildly from 50s or higher, down to 20s. I left the tour to Donnie at that point, and anxiously await hearing his report on what else occurred.
Comment from 5/28 tour- "Awesome!! We have some pics we want to send you as soon as we download them! Interesting!!! Donny was great!!"- JH.
The photos at left were taken by Jeff Stephens on that tour at the cemetery (which has no source of light). There was nothing visible to cause the lights, no flash was used, and a picture taken with the same camera between these two at that exact spot was perfectly normal, with no lights or fog.