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For more of Chattanooga's ghosts, check out HAUNTED CHATTANOOGA, by Jessica Penot and Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc owner Amy Petulla. Hear even more of Chattanooga's haunted history, including stories about Hale's Bar, Chickamauga Battlefield, Memorial Cemetery, South Pittsburgh Hospital, Lookout Valley and St Elmo, and many more! Published by History Press. HAUNTED CHATTANOOGA is available in local bookstores, in any online bookstore or Amazon, or right here on our Products page!
Haunted Chattanooga is also a great present for turning someone who thinks they don't like history or reading, into a reader. As one of our readers puts it, "I just finished the book. I loved it! To tell you the truth, I'm not much into reading. When I bought Haunted Chattanooga, Sunday evening, I couldn't put it down. I fell asleep. I took it to work with me. yesterday and read during my breaks. Then finished it early yesterday evening. I even went back and read a couple stories to my kids. Your book is addicting!"

Also, check out Death's Dream Kingdom, by my fabulous coauthor, Jessica Penot. She is an award-winning author, and I could not have asked for anyone better to work with. Check out her blog. Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc was proud to be featured in an episode of Shock Theatre. Check out their website!

Places to Enjoy in Chattanooga 

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE SHERATON READ HOUSE IS ONCE AGAIN EMBRACING ITS HAUNTED HISTORY, & STRONGLY ENCOURAGE OUR GUESTS TO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO STAY AT THIS FABULOUSLY HAUNTED HOTEL! More on the Read House in the "Places to Stay" section below. In the meantime, check out these great pics our guests have taken just in the first few weeks since we began ending here.

The first shows a clear green face in the window to the right of the chair; the second shows some ectoplasm towards the top of the photo; the third shows two female figures, 1 seated at the piano & 1 standing next to her, & the 4th shows a shadow figure right up against the door on the balcony.

Need to grab a bite before the tour? Genghis Grill and Cheeburger Cheeburger are right next door. These local restaurants have some delicious and reasonably priced meals.

After the tour, try City Cafe, whose sample cake (several layers in one cake, each a different type of cake) is one of my favorite desserts in Chattanooga, plus huge portions on all their food. 

If you enjoy local history, take a walk with Chattanooga Sidewalk Tours.. They have both a daytime Dynamo of Dixie Tour that starts at the Read House, and an evening Bluffs & Bridges Tour, that includes the Bluff View Art District, Walnut Street Bridge, and Coolidge Park.

Try checking out Raccoon Mountain Caverns, ranked as one of the top five caves in the country. Raccoon Mountain has its own ghost, which you can read about, in Haunted Chattanooga. They have even had some success in communicating with him! Make sure to ask about Willie when you go.

Check out the beautiful outdoor Virgin of the Poor shrine in nearby New Hope, TN. The phone number is 423-837-7068. It is worth the trip.

For those with children, the Chattanooga Zoo, billed as "the best little zoo in America," is a delightful stop without being too long. They have recently opened their Endangered Animal Carousel, with some of the most amazing carousel animals you have ever seen, all carved by the folks at Horsin' Around, Chattanooga's own carousel carving school.  Also, the Creative Discovery Museum, right off our tour route at Chestnut and Fourth, is a wonder for children ages 2-12!  The kids will spot the large ship, built to be accessible for all to play on, in the front glass.

Note that our FAVORITE attractions in and around the area, that is, the truly WEIRD, have been moved to the bottom of the page in our new WAY Off the Beaten Path section. Check it out!
Haunted Places to Stay in Chattanooga 

For those adventurous souls who want to stay in a haunted place while here, there are at least 3 options of which we are aware.
The city's most well-known haunting, the Sheraton Read House, is once again embracing its ghost with open arms, and there are a number of haunted options available there. There is of course, the famous Room 311- it & room 313 have been switched around some, but both are haunted. We have had guests often report haunted experiences throughout the entire third floor, and in some other parts of the hotel as well. It's only natural that ghosts are attracted to this lovely and historic hotel.
The Chattanooga Choo Choo does not advertise their ghosts, but we can tell you about them on our extended tour, and face it- where else do you get the chance to stay in actual Victorian sleeper train car?!
Or for the budget ghosthunter, many internet sites say the Super 8 Motel in Ooltewah has a haunted room. However, due to the nature of the motel, they have had alot of turnover, and their employees may not even be aware of this particular feature. : )

Other Ghost Tours 

We love ghost tours, and are happy to share info about the ones we have been on. These are the tours we have experience with:
For those travelling elsewhere in the state, if you are in Nashville, you might check out Nashville Ghost Tours; we liked it alot. We understand they have also opened tours in DC and St. Louis; they are sure to be entertaining.
If you are in Memphis, the folks who operate the walking ghost tour there, Backbeat Tours, also have a bus tour called The Mojo Tour, where musicians take you (with plenty of audience participation) on a musical trip of the highlights of the city. It was unique and VERY fun; check it out!
Connie Scott-Hall operates Dalton Ghost Tours just down the road, and also does haunted pub tours! We have not personally been on Appalachian GhostWalks - Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours http://www.AppalachianGhostWalks.com, but some of our guests have enjoyed their tours, and they have pasted many great comments on their website. They operate tours in various places in NE TN and Virginia.
Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama also has actors portraying the ghosts on their ghost tour, which is only offered one night per year, usually on their Kids' Day in the spring. (This is not to be confused with their fake haunted house they put on each fall.) One of our party got several orb photos on this tour.
Links to Other Ghost Sites 

Here are a few links to other ghost sites in cyberspace:

Angels and Ghosts
Paranormal Directory
(which lists a LOT of ghost tours)

(WAY) Off the Beaten Path

For those of you, like us, who are fans of the definitely different, we have listed below some of our favorite sidetrips here, and within an hour or two of Chattanooga. They are ALL worth the drive!

The Spaceship House. This is a unique private home that is worth the trip to drive by. Simply take I-27 N to the Signal Mountain exit, and follow that road up the mountain. The Spaceship House is on the left of the curves before you reach the town. Thanks to a sharp turn, you can see it from both front and back.

Watch the hang gliders at Lookout Mountain Flight Park, which boasts that it has 5 times more pilots than any other school in the country. If you're REALLY brave, you can take a tandem flight there for around $200.

For something truly unique to Chattanooga, check out the International Tow Truck Museum, at 3315 Broad Street.

Further Out
Head west on I-24 and stop off in Hendersonville at Trinity Music City (formerly Twitty City). It has a a radio and television station, recreation of a street from Jerusalem, the former home of Conway Twitty, and a statue of what appears to be a Crusader with sword raised, that the staffs insists is "Jesus!" Take a drive afterwards around the luxurious neighborhood that lies behind- it's home to many country music stars. Even Taylor Swift is rumored to have an abode there.Then head towards Adamsville, TN for a visit to the famous Bell Witch Cave & homestead. Call for reservations.

If you're heading towards Alabama, we'd strongly suggest you check out the Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama, which has a miniature recreation of the city of Jerusalem, as well as many of the world's most famous buildings. And give a listen to our friend Blair Jett on the radio while you're in town! On the way there or back, you might stop off at Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, AL, which besides the falls, also boasts mini-golf and a petting zoo.

And if you're looking for something interesting in nearby Georgia, take the opportunity to visit Paradise Garden, home of the late great folk artist Howard Finster. His art and creativity fill the place, and if you are an art aficionado, you can pick up an original there cheaper than almost anyplace else.
We hope you enjoy your travels off the beaten path as much as we have enjoyed ours!

Many many thanks to the folks at the Hamilton County Bicentennial Downtown Library for their patience with me as I researched the stories for the tour and got the website ready.