Our walking ghost tours occur NIGHTLY, at 8:30 pm ET spring & summer, 7:30 fall, & any other time for groups by arrangement in advance. We tour rain or shine, beginning at our shop at Market & Aquarium (2nd) St, 138 Market St, right across from the Aquarium. Call Zerve at (800) 979-3370 to purchase tickets. Reserve your EMF detector at the same time! Email pics chattanoogaghosttours@yahoo.com.
Price is $15.95 adults, $10 children 12 & under. Our extended tour 7:30 Fri (and other times by arrangement for groups of 4 or more) has an INSIDE stop & includes the use of the talking Ovilus X at 1 stop. It is $18, adults only. Discounts available on both for groups of 8+. Click here for info about our ghost HUNT with a K2 meter, EMF detectors, temp guns & the Ovilus X.

Take a walking ghost tour through downtown Chattanooga, hearing tales and getting pictures of some of the city's TRUE hauntings!  The tour begins at our shop at 138 Market St, with numerous stops along the way where you'll hear ghost stories & other entertaining tidbits. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR CAMERAS, as ghost orbs, mists, & even fully formed figures frequently appear in photos at some sites we will be visiting.  You can see examples of ghost pictures our guests have taken on our tour by clicking through our gallery. The pics on this page are taken & owned by William England, 2009 (mist), and Laura H, 2/11 (pink girl).


WE HAVE GHOST METERS FOR GHOST HUNTING ON THE TOUR! The tour experience with the use of a ghost meter will be an additional $5. We currently only have two of these, so it is suggested you reserve one when you make your reservation! Guests can also buy one for $24.99 (a savings of $10.00 over our non-guest price).

Do you go inside any buildings? We have recently added AN INSIDE STOP AT THE READ HOUSE to our regular tour! Check out these photos our guests have gotten in the first few weeks after we added this:

The first shows a clear green face in the window to the right of the chair; the second shows some ectoplasm towards the top of the photo; the third shows two female figures, 1 seated at the piano & 1 standing next to her, & the 4th shows a shadow figure right up against the door on the balcony.
While our regular tour does not have any other inside stops, our EXTENDED TOUR goes inside 1 additional location. (Because buildings are privately owned and/or closed at night, VERY few ghost tours in the country actually enter buildings- I am aware of only 1 in Savannah, and a few tours of individual buildings by the owner of those buildings, such as the once-per-year Sloss Furnaces ghost tour.) We DO have MANY people get ghost photos in the windows and around the buildings on our regular tour, as well. For adult guests who want to maximize their chance to experience something supernatural firsthand, we would suggest our ghost HUNT.

There is free parking available on the street. (NOTE THAT IN CHATTANOOGA, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE METERS AT NIGHT.) There are also several pay lots in the area. Or you can park near the Read House (where the tour ends) and catch the free electric shuttle to the end of the line nearest the Aquarium, and walk from there to our shop. Note that the last shuttle runs at 11:00 pm every night but Sunday, when it ends at 8:00 pm.Tour is approximately 12 blocks, although the walk back is 8 blocks.

Will we be on a bus? No, this is a walking tour. There are no riding ghost tours in Chattanooga that we are aware of- the closest riding tour is Nashville, to our knowledge. The distance of our tour is approximately 8/10- 9/10 of a mile, depending on your individual guide. Most of the tour is flat or downhill, but there is an uphill portion at the very beginning of the tour.

Is the tour suitable for children? The tour is conducted by actors and storytellers; however, no actors will follow, jump out, or otherwise "spook" you.  Therefore, the regular tour is suitable for youngsters who are not overly frightened simply from hearing stories.  Most children love our tours; however, use your discretion. If your child gets overly upset hearing about people being killed, a ghost tour is probably not the best choice for their entertainment. Note that, in consideration of our other guests, this tour is NOT recommended for infants or others who are likely to wail during a nighttime, outside tour over an hour in length. The cemetery ghost hunt is limited to adults, due to both the nature of the experience and manufacturer's restrictions on the Ovilus X.

Are there bathroom stops? No, so you might want to go before you come. There is a public restroom on the far side of the TN Aquarium, as well as a restroom open only to customers at The Ice Cream Show, which we pass early in the tour. There is also a restroom open to customers of Rembrandt's, a coffeeshop in the Bluff View Art District with the best bakery in town.

How do you pay? We strongly urge that you purchase tickets in advance on this website or by calling 423-800-5998. If space is available, tickets may be purchased at the time of the tour by cash, check (local or out-of-town) or credit card.

Do you cancel tours if there are not enough people? NO, as long as we have at least 2 people scheduled (4 for extended tour), we do our tours, and our guests don't have to worry about a disappointing last minute cancellation. For that reason, however, we do not do refunds if you do not show up for a tour, so that we do not unnecessarily turn away other guests who want those spots.

Do you cancel tours for rain? We hold tours rain or shine, as long as we have guests that want to go (provided there are no dangerous conditions downtown, such as lightning striking or tornadoes), and usually have rain ponchos available for a nominal fee for guests who have forgotten their umbrellas. We only cancel tours in cases of extreme weather.

Are cameras allowed? Yes, we encourage everyone to bring cameras, as we have had a lot of people get ghost pictures on our tour (as you can see from the website). Audio recording of the tour guides, however, is not permitted.

Do you go in to underground Chattanooga? Due to a temporary fence, we are not currently able to go to the back of our favorite part of underground Chattanooga; however, the entire portion of that spot is still visible and photographable from the place we stop at the entrance, and we have had our guests witness things in that space (such as the tightly closed cage door opening on its own) from that area since the fence was installed.

How early should we arrive? We generally arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour, so anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes early.

Is tipping allowed? YES! Our guides greatly appreciate any and all tips.

Are pets allowed? Well behaved pets are welcome on our regular tour. However, note that you will have to walk back to your car (a distance of about 8 blocks), as non-service animals are not allowed on the free electric shuttle.

Is there any way to hear more ghost stories about Chattanooga? Yes, there are three very good books we would recommend: On 10/25/11, History Press released Haunted Chattanooga, co-authored by our owner, Amy Petulla,and award-winning author Jessica Penot. We would also recommend Chattanooga Chills, by Mark Fults, and Ghosts of the Southeast TN Valley, by Georgiana Kotarski. 

Are there any haunted places to stay in Chattanooga? Yes, see our "area attractions" page.

Do you make your stories up? No, the stories in this tour have been researched; almost all are supported by newspaper articles and books.  The tour will include some of the rich history of downtown Chattanooga and its buildings, as well as information on the ghosts that have been known to haunt the area.

SCHOOL GROUPS:  Book a school group tour with very special pricing.  The special pricing applies to daytime or weekday tours only.  Call for details.

PRIVATE TOURS!- Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc. offers private tours! For the low price of $250.00, you get your own tour guide to take you and up to 14 of your friends on your own personal ghost tour, on a day and time selected by you. Call for details. Each additional guest beyond 20 $13.00 each. Dates subject to tour guide availability.