We are thrilled to have HOPE HOLLOWAY as our tour guide! Prior to joining us in 2008, Hope had 13 years of storytelling experience, as well as several years of theatre experience. She has performed at the historic Barnsley Gardens, playing the coveted role of Julia Barnsley. Her storytelling style is energetic and theatrical, and we get wonderful emails from our guests about Hope's tours all the time. Hope is our "ghost magnet" and has the most detailed and factual ghost descriptions. So if you're looking to have the best chance for a ghost photo, Hope is the guide for you! Hope is also available for private storytelling; contact us for details.
JOHN HOLLOWAY combines Hope's theatrical approach with Vincent's storytelling style. John had 12 years of tour guide experience prior to joining us in 2009, and actually originally trained our outstanding guide HOPE as a tour guide when they both previously worked together at New Echota. John has also worked as a tour guide at haunted Barnsley Gardens, and has had some interesting experiences of his own that he might share, if you're lucky! Ghosts seem to like John. In fact, some of the most interesting photos (including face and mist photos) have been taken on John's tours. So if you're looking for an entertaining and spine chilling experience, you will be lucky to have John as your guide! John & Hope do tours every night but Sun.


By day, KEVIN BARTOLOMUCCI is co-founder of 'Runs With Scissors Improv Comedy Troupe' & First Draft Theatrical Productions, which has produced several Audience Interactive Murder Mysteries at the Creative Discovery Museum, CDM Science Theater, and Signal Mtn's Mountain Arts Community Center. By night, he is the glass eater Viktor Pennygrimm with 'Subterranean Cirqus'. On some weekends, he is 'Bob Zombie, Voice of the Chattanooga Rollergirls'. And in his spare time, he terrifies children at parties as Grizzly the Clown. Kevin has also often been featured at Rock City’s ‘Forest of Fear’, where his characters (including 2011's knife-wielding poster boy) have struck terror in the hearts of many. Kevin has also appeared in several theatrical productions around Chattanooga, including "Les Miserables," “A Christmas Carol,” “The Wizard of Oz,” & "A Zombie Christmas". We are delighted to have him join us! Kevin does tours weekends & busy days.



Radio & stage personality COL. JACK STAPLES is our newest guide, but his background in both acting and paranormal investigation make his tours an unforgettable experience! He has so many connections with our ghost tour family- from acting in Runs with Scissors with Kevin, to Dark Princess Theatre with Hope, to investigating with our dear friends at P.R.O.S.E.- that it seems he has always been a part of our community. Jack also attracts some unseen things- in fact, on his very first practice tour, as I was describing a supernatural manifestation that tended to occur at one spot, it happened right in front of our eyes. You are sure to enjoy your evening with Jack!



DONALD KITCHENS has been performing in Chattanooga all of his life. Most recently, he was Rags the Clown at Ruby Falls' terrifying Haunted Cavern. He is 1 of 2 guides for our ghost hunt, and like the Holloways, seems to be a "ghost magnet." On our first ghost hunt, coming back from the cemetery, the lights dimmed on almost every light post we passed (which they say is from the ghosts sucking energy from the surroundings), and this is a regular occurrence around Donnie.
Donnie worked as a guide with Raccoon Mountain Caverns for three years, and I was so impressed when I went on his tour there, I told him to contact me if he ever wanted to be a guide on the ghost tours. We are excited to have him on board and I am sure you will enjoy his ghost hunts as much as I did!





If you get VINCENT PHIPPS as your tour guide, you are in for a real treat! Vincent is not only one of Chattanooga's premier storytellers, he is a highly sought-after national speaker. Vincent has been with us since our start in 2007. He was awarded first place in the experienced and professional storytelling category at the 2009 Dogwood Festival. Guests in Vincent's tours have often commented that Chattanooga has the best ghost tour they have ever been on. So if you are looking for a fantastic story-telling experience, Vincent is the guide for you! He is also available for public and private storytelling events. Call us for details. Vincent, a communications professor at UTC, also owns his own communication coaching co. See www.CommunicationVIP.com. He has produced a wonderful CD of ghost stories, which can be seen on his website at www.vincentphipps.com.



MARIA CHATTIN has been involved with theatre in Chattanooga for decades. She was the director of Chattanooga Theatre Centre's Youth Theatre for many years. We are delighted to have her as our newest tour guide! People got ghost photos on Maria's very first tour, and she has gotten great reviews. You are sure to have a blast with her!